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ASCI - Asian Stem Cell Institute

Asian Stem Cell InstituteOur Treatment Center is located in the beautiful tropical islands of the Technologically-Advanced Philippines. We use our technology and treatments to isolate and reinfuse Stem Cells from a patient's own Adipose Stroma (Fat), Bone Marrow, and/or Blood for a variety of conditions.

We combine the best of technology, nature, and medicine to help improve our patient's lives. We provide the option of stem cell therapy for those who are qualified candidates, and whom desire treatment.

To see if you are a candidate, please Contact Us and provide as much detail as possible.

Our Integrative staff uses a variety of modalities including Anti-aging and Eclectic Medicine, and uses these approaches to treat many injuries and conditions. 

Please see our streaming National Institutes of Health (NIH) Journal databases that may relate to stem cells and your particular condition.

I have got a very small, slight movement from my big left toe! This is the first time I have moved my toe since the hang-gliding accident.." D. Prather (Spinal Cord Injury - 1-week after treatment)


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 About Us

Stem Cell Treatment

We are a private Stem Cell Institute offering Autologous, Tissue-Derived Stem Cell Harvesting and Treatment for injuries and medical conditions of all types.
Our Medical Director, Cristina Puyat, MD, whom is a respected and active member of various International Medical Boards and Societies, and our warm staff, have years of experience and continue to expand their knowledge in the ever-changing landscape of medical research and stem cell therapies. We enforce ongoing research and progressive stem cell therapy very rigidly to obtain the best results, while safety is always our main concern in doing so.

Stem Cell Treatment ALS

Stem Cell Alzheimer's

Stem Cell Treatment Autism

Stem Cell Breast Aug

Stem Cell Treatment Cancer

Stem Cell Cerebral Palsy

Stem Cell Cosmetic

Stem Cell Degen. Disc 

Stem Cell Diabetes

Stem Cell Erectile Dysf

Stem Cell FaceLift

Stem Cell Glaucoma

Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem Cell Hearing Loss

Stem Cell Heart Disease

Stem Cell Hepatitis

Stem Cell Treatment HIV

Stem Cell Huntington's

Stem Cell Kidney Failure

Stem Cell Knee Injuries

Stem Cell Liver Disease

Stem Cell Macular Degen

Stem Cell Multiple Sclerosis

Stem Cell Muscular Dys

Stem Cell Optic Nerve Inj

Stem Cell Osteoarthritis

Stem Cell Parkinson's Dis

Stem Cell Pulmonary

Stem Cell Rejuvenation

Stem Cell Retinitis Pigment

Stem Cell Rheumatoid Arth

Stem Cell Spinal Cord Injury

Stem Cell Sports Injuries

Stem Cell Treatment Stroke



Asian Stem Cell Institute ASCI

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