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Stem Cell Treatment for Glaucoma is Available at ASCI






Related Articles Recent Advances in Retinal Stem Cell Therapy. Curr Mol Biol Rep. 2017 Sep;3(3):172-182 Authors: Bhattacharya S, Gangaraju R, Chaum E Abstract Purpose of review: Progress in stem cell research for blinding diseases over the past decade is now being applied to patients with retinal degenerative diseases and soon perhaps, glaucoma. However, the field still has much to learn about the conversion of stem cells into various retinal cell types, and the potential delivery methods that will be required to optimize the clinical efficacy of stem cells delivered into the eye. Recent findings: Recent groundbreaking human clinical trials have demonstrated both the opportunities and current limitations of stem cell transplantation for retinal diseases. New progress in developing in vitro retinal organoids, coupled with the maturation of bio-printing technology, and non-invasive high-resolution imaging have created new possibilities for repairing and regenerating the diseased retina and rigorously validating its clinical impact in vivo. Summary: While promising progress is being made, meticulous clinical trials with cells derived using good manufacturing practice, novel surgical methods, and improved methods to derive all of the neuronal cell types present in the retina will be indispensable for developing stem cell transplantation as a paradigm shift for the treatment of blinding diseases. PMID: 29152454 [PubMed]