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Related Articles Effect of canine mesenchymal stromal cells loaded with paclitaxel on growth of canine glioma and human glioblastoma cell lines. Vet J. 2017 May;223:41-47 Authors: Bonomi A, Ghezzi E, Pascucci L, Aralla M, Ceserani V, Pettinari L, Coccè V, Guercio A, Alessandri G, Parati E, Brini AT, Zeira O, Pessina A Abstract This study investigated whether canine mesenchymal stromal cells (cMSCs) are able to take up and release paclitaxel (PTX) in active form, and therefore whether they have potential as a tool for therapeutic delivery of this drug. cMSCs from bone marrow and adipose tissue were isolated, expanded and characterised phenotypically. cMSCs were loaded with PTX (cMSCs-PTX) and their capacity for release of PTX was determined by their effect on proliferation of cancer cells. cMSCs-PTX derived from bone marrow and adipose tissue were able to take up and then release active PTX. cMSCs-PTC inhibited proliferation of the canine glioma cell line J3T, and the human glioblastoma cell lines T98G and U87MG. The potential of canine cMSCs-PTX for treatment of canine gliomas should be investigated further. PMID: 28671070 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]